D!ma Loginov

five/seven elements

A little bit about us

D!ma Loginov 5/7 elements, is a band consisting of students and alumni from the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Our group has its roots in the black American groove tradition with danceable grooves, harmony and melody comes from classical and folk music and tight musicianship as its highest priority. We expand on this tradition by having improvisation and more modern jazz concepts interwoven into what we play.

Concept and idea

Our band, Five/Seven Elements, draws inspiration from the Chinese concept of five elements and the seven elements of music to create a powerful and evocative musical experience. We incorporate elements of wood, fire, earth, water, and metal into our music and focus on the seven elements of music to create a dynamic and immersive sound. Our music explores themes of nature, the elements, and the cycles of life, and uses dynamics and texture to create contrast and tension in our compositions. By incorporating both the five elements and the seven elements of music, we aim to create a truly unique and transformative musical experience for our listeners.